Repair your Minox: Film feeding mechanism

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The 8×11 Minox uses unperforated film. Today this has the big advantage that you can make Minox films yourself from standard 35 mm film. However, the lack of perforation requires a special design for film transport.

Two questions arise:
How does the film transport work with 8×11 Minoxes and how are the equal distances between the photos achieved?
What could be the problem and what can I do if the negative spacing on my Minox is not correct?

I didn’t write this article just as a repair guide for those who are affected. Rather, it is also a concrete description with pictures and videos from the inside of the camera of how this ingenious mechanism in the Minox actually works.

Since I had this problem myself with a Minox A IIIs, I have put together everything you need to know how to fix it here.

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