All we have is now

Everyone knows we only live once. But what does life consist of? From the moments of the present. Nothing can bring back the past. Nothing can determine the future. Everything happens in the 3 to 5 seconds we are aware of, which makes up the present. So we only have these 3 seconds to live on.

The only thing we really have is the present. It encourages us to act consciously in the here and now. It is an invitation to live life to the fullest and to take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available to us.

The photos on this website aim to capture moments of present. They want to encourage you to think about the meaning of the present for everything that is to come.

Now is always the best time. Because we only have the now!

Learn more about the cognitive aspects of time perception
and how we can use this to ensure that the future brings what we strive for.

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