What can you expect?

A website about photography, philosophy and time?
What does that mean and how is it related?

I have had to deal with the phenomenon of time professionally for 40 years. With the limited nature of time but also the many opportunities that are offered to us if we use time wisely. I have been using photography for at least that long to transform private insights and significant moments into images. Both activities have forced me to think about how we actually perceive our world. Inevitably I came to epistemology and its great thinkers in philosophy.

As a practical person, it is important to me to also apply my findings practically. Not just when taking photos or planning projects, but also specifically when maintaining and repairing my cameras. This website is about all of this and I would be happy if you could use the information here in your activities. I also welcome criticism, comments and suggestions from you. Use the comment fields!

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If you want to start with practical things, read here how the Minox 8×11 mechanical cameras look from the inside, work and are repaired.

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However, if you really want to know how the moments that define our photos and our lives are created, you might find something here.