About me

Using my Minox A IIIs

My name is Thomas and for years I’ve been wondering what time actually means. The past and future are infinitely long periods of time. And yet it is always only the few seconds of the present that decide my future.

The more I thought about it, the more different aspects became important:
How do we perceive the world?
How do we get an idea of our surroundings?
How can I capture these images and moments?
What do I have to do now so that my future will be the way I want it to be?

There were already many answers, but I still had to work out many of them. I would like to share the results on this website in the hope that you can build on them and develop them further. The topics range from photography to epistemology and project management to very practical things such as Minox cameras and their restoration.

Join me in discovering the Moments of Now!

I would be happy to get in touch with you to discuss these topics. To do this, use the comment function on the individual pages.

Please note:
This is a non-commercial website. No products or services are offered or advertised here.

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